JetLink SSC Remote Management

Web-based Monitoring

Remote Management Solution for Money Machine

Centralized program management increases efficiency

JetLink enables organizations to centralize coin program management in one remote location. Daily balancing and deposits proceed smoothly and machine error conditions are identified and resolved quickly, to keep machines up and running and downtime to a minimum. 

The administrative and reporting activities for an entire fleet of Money Machine 2 coin counters can be performed by one employee, minimizing the potential for error as well as reducing the time and staff required to interact with machines on site.

JetLink benefits at a glance

Real-time notification
• Increase uptime
• Boost usage/revenue

Full administrative control
• 24/7 access to Money Machine®2 status
• More efficient use of staff
• Real-time content modification

System security
• Mitigate risk
• Preserve accountability

Flexible setup
• Remote configuration
• Customization options
• Training is quick and easy

Wireless connectivity
• Simplified installation
• Minimal deployment cost
• Rapid field rollout

All Money Machine models support JetLink with the installation of the appropriate hardware/software components and a data communications link.